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Screw cap serum vial with septum

Cultivation of Anaerobes – DSMZ Two types of vials are commercially available for anaerobic culturing (Fig. 1): The Hungate-type tubes are closed with a flange-type butyl rubber septum and a ...
Product Introduction

Cultivation of Anaerobes - DSMZ

Two types of vials are commercially available for anaerobic culturing (Fig. 1): The Hungate-type tubes are closed with a flange-type butyl rubber septum and a screw cap with 9 mm opening to allow puncturing of the septum with injection needles. Balch-type tubes are more stable than Hungate-type tubes and recommended if an

Sample Vials - Aijiren Tech Scientific

16. Glass Vials, Inc. Glass Sample Vial with TFE-Lined Cap. Flint glass with positive sealing, TFE-lined screw cap. 17. Aijiren Techbrand™ Class A Clear Glass Threaded Vials with Caps, PTFE-faced White 14B Rubber Liner. With PTFE-faced, white, 14B rubber liner. 18.

Vial 10 ml | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

27273: black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 10-425, PTFE/silicone, septum thickness 1.5 mm, for use with 2 mL vial (large opening), pkg of 100 ea

20 mm Headspace Vials, Septum, and Caps

Type 1 borosilicate glass. Clear glass vials with 20mm crimp seal finish are designed to fit most headspace autosamplers. Flat bottom vials maximize heating efficiency when used with bottom. Round bottom vials are more easily handled by robotic arms that lift the vial from the tray. Round bottom vials distribute the internal pressure created at

Septa selection guide

These septa often require elevated temperatures and should only be used with suitable headspace caps (crimp or screw caps). The temperatures below are for guidance. Gray butyl stopper An economical septum. Gray butyl stoppers do not provide a PTFE film barrier and are not suitable for use with alkanes, benzene, chlorinated solvents or cyclohexane.

Screw Caps Vials With Septa - Thomas Scientific

Screw caps [for use with 2 mL vial (standard opening), thread 8-425] are available for use with sealing septa and solid caps with aluminum liners. Caps are offered in solid phenolic caps that can withstand a maximum temperature of 135 C.

Vials | VWR

VWR® 9 mm Screw-Thread Vials, Kits, Caps, and Inserts, Wide Opening. Supplier: VWR International. Description: 9 mm autosampler screw thread vials feature a wide opening design for compatibility with all major autosampler brands and robotics.

Vials | Aijiren Tech Scientific

A wide range of vials, closures, and accessory products designed for generalized and specific scientific applications. Various product formats, dimensions, and material compositions are available. Includes autosampler vials, cryogenic storage vials, and serum vials. Aijiren Tech Scientific is dedicated to improving the human condition through

Vials | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Aijiren Techbrand™ 11 mm Glass Wide Opening Crimp Top Vial Convenience Kits. Save time and reduce the risk of contamination by using Aijiren Techbrand™'s vial convenience kits. Each kit includes 100 clear or amber glass vials and 100 crimp caps with pre-assembled septa. Height (Metric) 32 mm. Volume (Metric) Total. 2 mL.

Vials With Septum at Thomas Scientific

Thomas Screw Cap Septum Vials Thomas® Vials with open top caps (9711B25, B55) Borosilicate glass Consists of screw-necked vials and 9711C10 series open-top screw caps. Septa are not supplied. 9711B25 use Septa 9711D35 9711B55 use Septa 9711D45 Screw Caps (9711C10 to C45) Open-top Phenolic Screw Caps are for use with 9711D10 Compare this item

Analytical Vials - MilliporeSigma

Assembled screw cap with hole with PTFE/silicone septum, black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 15-425, PTFE/silicone, septum thickness 1.5 mm, for use with 7 mL vial, pkg of 100 ea composite dimension.default

Glass Sample Bottles at Thomas Scientific

MilliporeSigma. Amber storage bottles (volume 120 mL, O.D. x H 49 mm x 114 mm, thread 22-400, bottle only) are primarily used to protect the stored sample from sunlight. Oxidation of various oils is prevented when packaged in amber glass bottles. Synonyms: AMBER SCREW-CAP BOTTLE ONLY 120ML PK12.

BD prepared bottled media | BD

Serum bottle. This bottle can hold up to 100 mL. Fluid D, septum screw cap (0.1% peptic digest of animal tissue and polysorbate 80) SKU/REF 290662 . Learn More.

50 Ml Vial at Thomas Scientific

Polycarbonate vial with screw-on cap, 1 1/8 in. diameter x 4 ½ in. (2.9 cm x 11.4 cm). Holds grinding media up to 1/2 in. Fits 2196-16-PE Holder and 2664 Cryo-Block. Grinding load per vial 20 mL. Sold as a pack of 48 Vials with 48 caps (2253C). Related Products: 50 Ml Polycarbonate. Compare this item.

Septum Cap Bottle at Thomas Scientific

MilliporeSigma. of 6.9 +/- 0.2 at 25C. It can be stored at 15-25C (protected from light) for 12 months. A single box contains 4 bottles of 300 mL of fluid, each bottle with a screw cap with septum closure that reduces the risk of cross-contamination and optimizes the disinfection procedures. Synonyms: Diluting….

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