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Vial septa for pharmaceutical labs

TurboMatrix Consumables Guide (009709C 01) – PerkinElmer 20 mL 23 x 75.5 Clear Glass Vial with Write On Patch and Fill Lines 100 N9306240 20 mL 23 x 75.5 Clear Glass Vial with Write On Patch ...
Product Introduction

TurboMatrix Consumables Guide (009709C 01) - PerkinElmer

20 mL 23 x 75.5 Clear Glass Vial with Write On Patch and Fill Lines 100 N9306240 20 mL 23 x 75.5 Clear Glass Vial with Write On Patch and Fill Lines 1000 N9306241 CTC Headspace Vials Vial Volume Vial Closure Type Dimensions (OD x Height) (mm) Description Pkg. Part No. 20 mL Crimp 22.6 x 75.5 Clear Glass Vial with ‘P’ Logo (radius bottom

WHEATON® Products | DWK Life Sciences

Products include aluminum seals, rubber stoppers and plastic screw caps. WHEATON® Laboratory Equipment. Essential equipment and tools for every-day laboratory use. Supplemental to our line of instruments and products. Available in six (6) key product categories, including cell culturing. WHEATON® Chromatography Vials.

Screw Cap Vial Plastic - Thomas Scientific

SPEX SamplePrep. all SPEX SamplePrep plastic vials 3/4 in. ( 1.9 cm) and larger. Stainless Steel Vial Set: For wet or dry grinding/mixing. Vial size 21/4 in. (5.7 cm) diameter x 3 in. (7.62 cm) long. Vial body and cap liner made of hardened 440C stainless steel. Set includes screw-on cap with O-ring, two 1/2.

Vial Stoppers & Seals | DWK Life Sciences

Caps & Closures. Stoppers & Seals. Stoppers available in a wide selection that includes glass, butyl rubber, and silicone. Extremely high chemical purity and low gas permeability. A wide variety of styles and sizes are available.

Vial 10 ml | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

Find vial 10 ml and related products for scientific research at MilliporeSigma volume 2 mL, clear glass vial, thread for 10-425, black polypropylene cap, PTFE ...

Septa-vials | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

Find septa-vials and related products for scientific research at MilliporeSigma (Pharma-Fix)), diam. × thickness 20 mm × 0.135 in., pkg of 100 ea. View Pricing.

Caps & Closures | DWK Life Sciences

For applications involving automated transport of vials, magnetic caps are recommended. The cap liner or septa is the part of the cap which establishes a tight seal with the vial. Liners and septa can be laminated with PTFE on one or both sides, which results in high chemical resistance and a nearly inert barrier between sample and septa material.

Septa selection guide

Different septa material for LC and GC applications There are many different types of materials used to produce the septa found in LC and GC vial caps. This document will provide you with the technical guidance you need in order to make the right selection. Choosing the right septa When selecting which septa is right for your experiments, it

Amber Vial at Thomas Scientific

Amber borosilicate glass vials come with a standard 0.125 in. thick, I-CHEM blue, PTFE/silicone septa in an open-top 24-414 polypropylene cap. The I-CHEM molded-in septa retainer ring holds the septa securely in place without bonding to the cap, so septa can be removed and replaced as needed.

Porefil® Catalogue by hcs-lab - Issuu

Sep 12, 2022 · EPA/TOC Vials Sample Vials Narrow mouth bottless Wide mouth bottle High recovery VialsMicro Vials Snap Top Vials Crimp Top Vials Crimp Headspace Vials Headspace Screw Vials Autosampling Vials

Cepure: Vial Cap Septa | Pawling Engineered Products

Unique Vial Cap Septa. In scientific laboratories, poor quality septa can wreak havoc, causing wasteful re-testing, or worse, misleading results. At Pawling EP, we are working hard to change this. Our Cepure line of vial cap septa offers new septum materials and unique processes to improve septum sealing integrity and reduce the risk of sample

An Aijiren Septum is Not Just a Septum

certified range of septa have developed an industry-leading conditioning process that limits siloxane bleed, improving analytical sensitivity, lab productivity, and operational efficiencies. Make sure to ask for Aijiren certified septa next time you order. FAQs - Questions That Arise from the Septum Selection Process

Laboratory Bottles | DWK Life Sciences

Access premium laboratory bottles from our range of over 3,000 containers and closures. Our lab bottles portfolio includes clear or amber Type I borosilicate or Type III soda-lime glass. In addition, we offer plastic bottles in HDPE, PP, LDPE or PET in a wide range of sizes to suit most user applications. Through our innovations, we support

The Benefits & Applications of Different Vial Types

This increases the safety of your lab and reduces the need to replace lost samples and broken vials. Lightweight: Plastic is lightweight and easy to handle, improving efficiency in a busy work environment. Since plastic isn't a heavy material, it's easier and potentially less expensive to ship or transport.

Analytical Chromatography - MilliporeSigma

Analytical Vials. We offer a wide selection of autosampler and general-purpose vials, including septa, caps, accessories, amber and clear bottles, headspace vials, polypropylene and TPX vials, center drain vials, and silane-treated vials for special applications.

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