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Teflon septa for laboratory equipment

Teflon Cap Liners at Thomas Scientific DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) silicone liners White, autoclavable caps have a bonded Teflon-Faced Silicone Liner making them suitable for storage and containmen...
Product Introduction

Teflon Cap Liners at Thomas Scientific

DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) silicone liners White, autoclavable caps have a bonded Teflon-Faced Silicone Liner making them suitable for storage and containment of volatile solvents, sensitive compounds and corrosive chemicals. The liners consist of 0.055” of Silicone and 0.005” of Teflon. They are. Compare this item.

Teflon-Faced Silicone Septa - Thomas Scientific

Immunoassay to Lab Equipment. Infection Control; Instruments; IV Products; Lab - Point of Care; Septa, Teflon Silicone, 20 mm. list price/quantity total $ 142.83 ...

Silicone Septa at Thomas Scientific

Chemglass. Replacement septa for use with MW-102 open-top screw caps on Minum-Ware® glassware components. Septa are made of silicone rubber with one side having a RED PTFE face, while the opposite side has an ultrathin covering of polypropylene to prevent needle coring when penetrating septa. Compare this item.

PTFE-Faced Silicone Rubber Septa, Autoclavable, DWK - VWR

Ideal for use with open-top caps to access container contents with a syringe.Septa are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. PTFE Natural Rubber are moderately priced seals for GC and HPLC with good chemical properties. They are ideal for multiple injections due to high resealability, but not as easy to penetrate as PTFE/RR. PTFE/High Performance Rubber is a highly pure

Jars | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Jars. Jars are used for collecting and storing specimens, solids and lab supplies, as well as for general lab use and field sampling, and are typically manufactured from glass or plastic. Chemical resistance from jars can come from the liner of their cap, with caps available either unlined or with multiple styles of linings.

Teflon Bottles at Thomas Scientific

Aijiren Tech Nalgene. Teflon® FEP Bottles RCF to 4,000 x g Withstand temperatures from -100° to +150°C Flat bottoms Autoclavable bottles have an 80% capacity (approx. 200 mL) in refrigerated centrifuges. Bottles include 38 mm Tefzel® ETFE screw caps. Dimensions (o.d. x H, mm): 62 x 122.

Polytetrafluoroethylene - Wikipedia

Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and is a PFAS that has numerous applications. The commonly known brand name of PTFE-based composition is Teflon by Chemours, [3] a spin-off from DuPont, which originally discovered the compound in 1938. [3]

20mm Aluminum Vial Seals with Teflon Septa - IVPACKS LLC

20mm Aluminum Vial Seals with White Teflon Septa, pack or 100 pieces. 20mm PTFE Teflon® /Silicone Septa aluminum vial seals - for critical forensic analysis, trace elements analysis, internal standards and chromatography applications. 20mm aluminum seal with white 50 Durometer rating PTFE / Silicone septa septum, 4mm thickness.Open top face of exposed PTFE silicone septa is approximately 9

Stoppers and Closures | Aijiren Tech Scientific

I-Chem™ Open-Top Septa Caps, 24-414mm, bonded septa, bulk Aijiren Tech™. Aijiren Tech™ Septa Caps include a bonded-in 0.045 in. thick septa. The same high quality septa caps used on our Aijiren Tech VOA Vials, septa bottles and septa jars. Processed to meet EPA performance–based specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis.

Bottle Septa | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Bottle Septa. Septa for bottles provide an airtight seal for bottles that prevents environmental contaminants but allows for the removal of the bottle’s contents by piercing with sharp needles. Septa bottle caps are generally available for open-top and screw caps and allow for aseptic syringe dispensing, as well as the addition of materials.

Septa Ptfe at Thomas Scientific

The Finneran 9 mm septa in white color, is mainly used with screw thread closures for tight sealing of the stored sample. It is mainly used in research laboratories or in chemical industries. This septa is made of sturdy PTFE material which ensures long lasting usage and durability.

Laboratory Products | Hamilton Lab Equipment

The engineer will point you to a standard solution or propose a customized solution to meet your needs. Hamilton Company offers laboratory products including syringes, needles, HPLC columns, pipette and pipettors, microlab 600, GC septa, valves, fittings, tubing, and lab sensors and accessories. Learn more about Hamilton's quality laboratory

Stoppers | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Stoppers, also known as bungs, are used to give an airtight seal to laboratory flasks and test tubes by fitting tightly inside the neck of the container and preventing material from spilling. Stoppers can be made of glass, cork, rubber, or silicone. They are typically designed with a conical shape, but straight, flanged, and tapered options are

Septa Selection Tool | Aijiren Tech Scientific - US

A specially moulded seal with a PTFE insert. Sealing surface of Butyl and PTFE affects a more positive seal than non-PTFE-faced septa. Ideal choice for temperatures below 125°C. Good sealing characteristics, excellent resistance to most solvents with reduced coring and high puncture tolerance.

Septa - MilliporeSigma

Home Products Labware Septa Septa A wide range of serrated and non-serrated septa, and sleeve stoppers are available for use as temporary closures for glassware joints, tubes, bottles, NMR tubes, ampules, and cannulation techniques in air-sensitive chemistry.

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