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Silicone Rubber Septum: Durability and Longevity in Analytical Laboratories

Silicone Septa at Thomas Scientific Chemglass. Replacement septa for use with MW-102 open-top screw caps on Minum-Ware® glassware components. Septa are made of silicone rubber with one side having ...
Product Introduction

Silicone Septa at Thomas Scientific

Chemglass. Replacement septa for use with MW-102 open-top screw caps on Minum-Ware® glassware components. Septa are made of silicone rubber with one side having a RED PTFE face, while the opposite side has an ultrathin covering of polypropylene to prevent needle coring when penetrating septa. Compare this item.

Silicone septums | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

SDS. Pricing. SU860076. black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 8-425, PTFE/silicone (red PTFE/white silicone), septum thickness 1.3 mm, for use with 2 mL vial (standard opening), pkg of 100 ea. Expand. Hide. 27019. black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 15-425, PTFE/silicone, septum thickness 1.5 mm, for use with 7 mL vial, pkg of 100 ea.

Rubber Septa | (SLS) Scientific Laboratory Supplies

27166. Septa, White/Tan PTFE/silicone, Diam x Thickness 16mm x 0.090in, for 15mL Vial, Temp Limit 250 Deg C. EACH. £129.00. ADD. 27277. Septa, red PTFE/Silicone, for use with 2? mL, large opening, screw cap, septum diam. x thickness 10 mm x 0.060 in., red PTFE/silicone, pkg of 100 ea. EACH.

Septum Selection Guide Rev 2 - Aijiren Tech Sci

operating temperature range for this septum is from –20 to 125°C. Black Rubber Septa: (C4020-40) Black rubber septa are molded from a higher density rubber compound compared to the standard red rubber. This septum has characteristics similar to the gray butyl stopper with a slightly smaller temperature range of –20 t0 100°C. The

Septa | Pawling Engineered Products

Products. Septa. By definition, a rubber septum consists of a disk of rubber or similar material used to seal a vial or other device. It is installed along the inside of a cap, which is typically made of metal or plastic. A syringe needle pierces the rubber septum for the purpose of injection and, on withdrawal, the elasticity of the septum

Rubber Septa at Thomas Scientific

Ace Glass. Specially engineered to fit standard taper joints and tubes. Manufactured under white room conditions for extreme cleanliness. Made of a more dense rubber, low extractables and a better fit (50% to 80% on joints) these septa are much less likely to fail in the presence of solvents. Compare this item.

Silicone Rubber: Types, Uses, Properties & Applications - Omnexus

Silicone rubber is a high-performance elastomer with an unusual combination of properties. These properties range from high-temperature performance, durability, electrical insulation as well as transparency. These features make silicone rubber a high-performance material in several sectors. Find out how to meet the demanding performance

Rubber Septum at Thomas Scientific

Cap number and hole diameter given in listings. Tuf-bond Septa (9711D10 to D45) Thickness: 100 mils Of silicone rubber with PTFE facing 10 mils thick Septa of butyl rubber, silicone rubber or rubber-laminated PTFE are available on special order. Septum diameter indicated in listings. Related Products: Screw Caps Vials With Septa.

Bottle With Septum at Thomas Scientific

MilliporeSigma. Pharmacopeia (JP) 4.06. The product is a clear colorless liquid with a pH of 7.1 +/- 0.2 at 25C. It can be stored at 2-25C (protected from light) for 12 months. Each box contains 4 bottles of 900 mL of fluid, with a screw cap with septum closure to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and optimize. Compare this item.

Silicone Materials Guide - (PDF) - Stockwell Elastomerics

Silicone Sponge and Silicone Rubber Gaskets, Seals, Cushions, and Materials STOCKWELL ELASTOMERICS 4749 Tolbut St. • Philadelphia PA. 19136 800.523.0123 • 215.335.3005 • f. 215.335.9433 email: Why Use Silicone Rubber? Silicone rubber has the combined properties of resilience, high temperature stability,

Septa Selection Guide - Aijiren Tech Scientific

PTFE silicone/ PTFE Thin, fragile needle? Soft and thin septa required e.g. silicone/ PTFE Blunt, thick needle? Slit/pre- cut liner as penetration aid (HPLC) silicone/ PTFE, slit Critical analysis? Very clean liner required

An Aijiren Septum is Not Just a Septum

PTFE/silicone septa are always best. What force is required to penetrate the septum? Generally, silicone septa are more easily pierced than red rubber or butyl septa. For thicker, hard-to-pierce septa, a small gauge (23 gauge) needle may be required, or a stronger S-needle can be used. Preslit septa are the best option for

Characterization of Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of

Jun 1, 2021 · 1. Introduction. Silicone rubber is a synthetic polymer consisting of silicone-oxygen backbones, which give unique material properties. These material properties include biocompatibility, superior temperature and chemical resistance, and good mechanical and electrical properties [ 1, 2 ]. Due to its material properties, silicone rubber has a

Septum Selection Guide Vials and Closures - Aijiren Tech Sci

The septum is provided with a thin 0.005” PTFE layer laminated to highly pure silicone, and slit through the center for easier needle penetration and to release the vacuum that forms when a large volume of sample is withdrawn from a vial.

Rubber septums | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

Description. Pricing. Details. black polypropylene, septum (TEF/red rubber), septum thickness 1.3 mm, 8-425 thread. Expand. Hide. 854987. black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 13-425, PTFE/red rubber septum, for use with 4 mL vials with 13-425 thread, pkg of 100 ea. Expand.

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