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Vial septa for university labs

Septa For Vials at Thomas Scientific Vial septa are available in a variety of materials. Septa, tan PTFE/silicone (diam. x thickness 8 mm x 1.5 mm) are sized to fit screw top vials. They are suitab...
Product Introduction

Septa For Vials at Thomas Scientific

Vial septa are available in a variety of materials. Septa, tan PTFE/silicone (diam. x thickness 8 mm x 1.5 mm) are sized to fit screw top vials. They are suitable for use with most organics (until pierced) and are not recommended for use with chlorosilanes. Compare this item.

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VWR® Cryogenic Vials, Internally or Externally Threaded. Supplier: VWR International. Description: Designed for storing biological material, human or animal cells at temperatures as low as –196 °C, but should be used only in the gas phase of liquid

Step by Step Septa Tutorial Use Guide - Here’s How and Why

Mar 31, 2022 · Silicone/PTFE septa – If you have a critical analysis that needs a clean liner ; PTFE/silicone/PTFE – When dealing with low coring and when you need both sided PTFE laminated liners; General Chromatography Vials: Septa Properties. Find out about four types of septa research used in general chromatography. Three types of rubber

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The associated 9 mm vial screw cap comes with your choice of septa constructed from either PTFE/silicone, PTFE/silicone/PTFE or PTFE/natural red rubber. Our screw vials and vial screw caps are designed for both HPLC and GC instrument platforms across a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, environmental, energy and fuels

Septa | VWR

Septa are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. PTFE Natural Rubber are moderately priced seals for GC and HPLC with good chemical properties. They are ideal for multiple injections due to high resealability, but not as easy to penetrate as PTFE/RR. PTFE/High Performance Rubber is a highly pure synthetic red rubber septum that

Rubber septums | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

Description. Pricing. Details. black polypropylene, septum (TEF/red rubber), septum thickness 1.3 mm, 8-425 thread. Expand. Hide. 854987. black polypropylene hole cap, thread for 13-425, PTFE/red rubber septum, for use with 4 mL vials with 13-425 thread, pkg of 100 ea. Expand.

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9mm screw thread caps, septa, and vials are designed especially for use with Aijiren’s and other rotating or robotic arm samplers. l.5ml, 12X32mm vials are manufactured of Clear, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class

An Aijiren Septum is Not Just a Septum

certified range of septa have developed an industry-leading conditioning process that limits siloxane bleed, improving analytical sensitivity, lab productivity, and operational efficiencies. Make sure to ask for Aijiren certified septa next time you order. FAQs - Questions That Arise from the Septum Selection Process

Vials, Caps and Septa Information | Aijiren

Our portfolio includes: Aijiren CrossLab vials, caps and septa. Aijiren MS Analyzed vials, caps and septa. General Purpose Vials and Storage. Crimpers and Decappers. New High Performance Septa. New Aijiren Certified Vials Brochure.

The Benefits & Applications of Different Vial Types

This increases the safety of your lab and reduces the need to replace lost samples and broken vials. Lightweight: Plastic is lightweight and easy to handle, improving efficiency in a busy work environment. Since plastic isn't a heavy material, it's easier and potentially less expensive to ship or transport.

Septum Bleed during GC–MS Analysis: Utility of Septa of

Jul 10, 2012 · Different septa shown in Figures 2A–2D used in this study were obtained from various sources, including: SGE Analytical Science (Australia, part number 041904; suggested application maximum temperature of 400°C); yellow PTFE coated (part number 041827 suggested application maximum temperature of 200°C); Aijiren Tech BTO (part number THC31303230 no suggestion of application maximum

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ST-11-1232W 1.5ml Clear Glass Snap Top vials, with write-on 100 ST-11-1232A 1.5ml Amber Glass Snap Top vials, w/o write-on 100 ST-11-1232WA 1.5ml Amber Glass Snap Top vials, with write-on 100 SCSP-11-4500 11mm Clear Snap Cap, 6mm hole with Red PFTE septa/ White Silicon Septa 100 11mm Snap Top Vials, Cap and Septa

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Laboratory Supply Distributors, Corp. is a manufacturer and supplier of unique and innovative products for the analytical, environmental, research, life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic communities. We have products ranging from Glass and Plastic Vials to VOA Vials for EPA Analysis, as well as various types of Limited Volume

How Pierced PTFE/Silicone Septa Affect GC-MS Experiments

Jan 2, 2006 · Figure 3 - Typical mass chromatogram of volatile residue in hexane caused by PTFE/silicone septa: a) hexane extract of a piece of septum; b) vial septum was punctured once by a syringe to sample 1 μL hexane for GC analysis; c) hexane in the last vial was reanalyzed after 3 days; and d) analyzed immediately after 100 μL hexane was added from one vial to another (the septum was punctured 10

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Analytical Vials. Vials play a significant role in analytical analysis and result reproducibility. Vials must be inert and free of extractables or leachables to prevent affecting results. Using certified, application-specific, contaminant-free vials can significantly reduce risk. We offer a broad spectrum of Supelco ® products including

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